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Judith Bach : Student 492829

Assessment Submission

Thank you for taking the time to assess my coursework .

Digital submission

My learning blog can be found at

My blog is in descending order and contains my coursework , research , personal projects and all assignments . All can be accessed individually under the relevant categories .


Assignment 5 Telling Stories can be found on a separate dedicated blog available at

The blog runs in descending order but has chronological chapters that are best viewed and read in this order .

There is additionally an associated fake Instagram account belonging to my alter ego Florence Fountain . This is accessible directly via the Telling Stories blog or available at

Physical submission

Portfolio Box One
Contains :

Assignment One : Combined Image
• My original cut and paste collages
• Six A3 prints of the cut and paste collages
• One A3 print : Digital Montage Winter and Spring
• Printed Artist Statement and Tutor Report

Portfolio Box Two
Contains :

Assignment Two : The Archive
• One printed book Fragments
• Eight A3 prints
• Printed Artist Statement and Tutor Report

Assignment Three : The Critical Review
To what extent has vernacular photography changed in the ‘post photographic era’ ?
In a digital age how and why do we share , use and disseminate once private photographs ?
• Printed copy of the Critical Review
• Printed Tutor Report

Assignment Four/Five : Digital Identities
• One hand-made concertina photo book
• Five A3 prints
• An archival album page
• Printed Artist Statement and Tutor Report

G Drive

All six tutor reports
The Critical Review : To what extent has vernacular photography changed in the ‘post photographic era’ ?
In a digital age how and why do we share , use and disseminate once private photographs ?
Assessment Self-evaluation sheet


Final version of the Critical Review emailed for plagiarism check 17/5/2018
Receipt confirmed 18/5/2018


End of course reflection

My Digital Image and Culture coursework is complete and ready for assessment .

This is my final Level 2 course , I have certainly found it challenging and getting here has been quite tough at times , but so worthwhile .

Firstly , I would like to thank my tutor Russell for his invaluable help , feedback and encouragement . He gave me the confidence to experiment and direct my practice in the direction that I wish to pursue further at Level 3 .

Perhaps the strangest element of DI&C is how few photographs I have actually taken , my final assignment contains none of my own photography . Over the duration of the two years it has taken me to complete the course my practice has evolved from using my own personal family archives to appropriation of impersonal digital and analogue imagery .

The coursework encouraged an experimental approach ; along the way I’ve gained a passion for scanography and collecting abandoned photographs . I’ve dabbled with cyanotypes , enjoyed making the short videos for my final assignment Telling Stories and manipulating the downloaded digital images that can be seen on my fake Instagram account ,  in addition to gaining new Photoshop skills .

I would like to continue with Telling Stories as I have left myself with the potential to expand further on my fictitious family tales (with a working title More Stories perhaps ?) . My fake Instagram account will be an ongoing project too but my alter ego ‘Florence Fountain’ is having a well earned holiday until after assessment !

I am now enrolled on Level 3 Body Of Work & Contextual Studies .

Thank you to those who have followed my journey so far .

I am in the process of setting up my new Level 3 blog and will post a link shortly ; I hope you will join me again .

Judy 🙂

Assignment 5 : The final re-work

Digital Identites

Prior to the post-photographic era ‘the visual discourses of recorded fact and imaginative construction were conveniently segregated. But the emergence of digital imaging has irrevocably subverted these certainties’ (W,Mitchell. p.p 225) .

My final assignment is available to view on the Telling Stories Blog : link below


My submission for Assignment Five consists of :

  • An online blog Telling Stories 
  • In addition to the Telling Stories blog an associated fake Instagram account is accessible directly via the blog or at
  • A printed hand-made concertina photo book made using a selection of the images downloaded from Pexels and re-processed .
  • An archival album page belonging to my alter ego Florence Fountain . Made using a page ripped from an album found in a junk shop and one of the digital images downloaded from Pexels and re-processed .
  • Five A3 prints . The prints I have chosen are digital montages included on the Telling Stories blog .

A personal project started last year– Images and Text– evolved into Telling Stories after I read Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs .

I have become an enthusiastic collector of other people’s photographs and I enjoy creating new identities and connections that did not originally exist . I only buy photographs that I fall in love with hence I am rather attached to all of them , almost as much as my own personal family archive . I gravitate towards orphaned images that trigger memories from my own past or perhaps resemble family members , hence my work includes elements of truth yet remains ambiguous .

The work for this assignment explores concepts of memory and identity using appropriated imagery . All of the analogue photographs have been bought from either eBay or junk shops them digitally scanned , reprocessed and re- interpreted . In addition to the physical prints I have also downloaded digital files from the web using free stock photos that are licensed under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) and processed these too using Adobe Lightroom and occasionally Photoshop . Because ‘the lineage of an image file is usually untraceable , and there may be no way to determine whether it is a freshly captured , un-manipulated record or a mutation of a mutation—- notions of individual authorial responsibility for image content, authorial determination of meaning , and authorial prestige are correspondingly diminished’ (Mitchell, W. pp 51-2) .

Encouraged by my tutor the accompanying text became a really important element of the work. In the January 2018 issue of Black + White Photography editor Elizabeth Roberts discusses how ‘images and text should be born together, nurtured and fed as though they were twins . Simply adding text on , as an afterthought , seems unsatisfactory’ (Roberts, E. 2018) . By using text along with imagery for the Telling Stories blog I am creating a new literary and visual reality regardless of the fact that it is totally fictitious and my online ‘family’ completely non-existent . I’ve included some composite images but because merged layers can be ambiguous and open to interpretation the addition of text guides my viewer to ‘see’ and imagine what I want them to visualise and believe .

Unlike real life a digital identity can be easily modified ; you can portray yourself and your family as anything you want them to be . ‘In general , if an image follows the convention of photography and seems internally coherent , if the visual evidence that it presents supports the caption …..then we feel justified in the attitude that seeing is believing’ (W,Mitchell. p.p 43) . Baudrillard suggests we find it impossible in a postmodern era to distinguish between reality and trickery , that there is no difference between actuality and its replication but solely the simulacrum .

The main body of my work is on a dedicated blog Telling Stories and hopefully fulfils what Baudrillard refers to as the 3rd order of simulacra and is successful in tricking viewers to misinterpret the stories to be an actuality ; the hyperreal as fact . I like to think of my stories as an authentic hyperreality which ironically is an oxymoronic term : a genuine fake !

In addition I have linked a hoax Instagram account to the blog that can also be accessed independently via a mobile phone app . I initially had have reservations about downloading and using someone else’s digital imagery in my own practice , my fake Instagram account only features what was originally someone else’s digital file . Unlike analogue photography ‘digital images—do not even have unique negatives . An image file may be copied endlessly , and the copy is distinguishable from the original only by its date since there is no loss of quality—-The original image file may be destroyed within a short time of its creation, but many of its descendants may live on…..Does each application of a new rendering procedure produce a new original work of art ? ‘ (Mitchell,W. p.p 49–50) .

My alter ego’s Instagram account now has over 180 followers ; Florence has added two more images to the account but no more will be added until after assessment .

The images dowloaded from Pexels have been converted from colour to monotone and I feel my processing reinvents and therefore makes them uniquely mine . I have included three videos on the Telling Stories blog  featuring some of my appropriated photographs , using a pseudonym for the Vimeo account .

Using appropriation the function of my purchased yet once private analogue images has been irrevocably altered . ‘By definition , a photograph is a discernible marker of what has been . It becomes a part of history the moment to is taken . The world changes and we change , yet photographs remain static visual clues to the past . The semblance of truth in these images , however , is illusionary , especially now in our digital age . What stimulates the imagination is that every photograph contains an interweaving of obvious facts and subtle fictions’ (Robert Flynn Johnson. 2009. p.p 14) .

Although this is a digital submission I am including my hand-made concertina book SEE HERE and a fake photo album page SEE HERE in addition to a selection of five A3 prints . Looking on screen is such a different experience to handling a tangible object that can be picked up , turned over and examined .

The ambiguity of found analogue photography and digital files downloaded from stock photo sites has such possibilities for future projects with the combination of digital technology . It grants the elusive gift of immortality and the possibility of endless re-incarnations when used in different contexts .

Final Amendments :

Chapter One
Halcyon Days

1. The original layered image of my fictional grandparent’s house has been replaced by an old photograph purchased from eBay .
2. An amended video The Dolls replaces the original video and includes a spoken word narrative . ( + see here )

Chapter Three
Benjamin Fountain

1. The layered image of the soldiers , girls and poppies has been replaced by the original photograph of the soldiers and girls bought from eBay .

Prints submitted  :

References / Bibliography


Johnson , R.F. (2009) Being Human . London :Thames & Hudson .

W, Mitchell. (2001) The Reconfigured Eye :Visual Truth in the Post- Photographic Era . Cambridge Massachusetts : The MIT Press .

Riggs , R. (2013) Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children . Philadelphia US: Quirk Books .

Roberts , E. (2018) “The Possibilities of Language” Black + White Photography (Issue 211) p.p1.

An archival fake

For the Telling Stories blog I made digital montage combining a scan of a page ripped from an old photo album I found in a junk shop and one of my altered Pexels images.

It can be seen on the blog at the end of the chapter entitled Mother .

I’ve decided to include a physical version of the album page belonging to Florence Fountain with my submission . I have made another of my (not particularly good) videos of the fake archival album page .

I like the crinkly sound of the old tissue as it is lifted from the page revealing the photograph beneath . Looking on screen is such a different experience to handling a tangible object that can be picked up , turned over and examined . It’s a sensory experience of touch , sight and sound that is rarely or never experienced anymore as imagery is increasingly virtually shared and has no physical existence .


Florence Fountain’s concertina book

Although my final assignment Telling Stories is a web based series of work I am additionally going to include some prints of my digital montage’s for assessment .

I was not initially going to include prints of the manipulated images downloaded from Pexels posted on the fake Florence Fountain Instagram account but decided that perhaps a small hand-made book might be something a person like ‘Florence’ would make .

I’ve never made a concertina photo book before and managed to break my A3 cutter in the process by trying to cut too many pieces of photo paper all together. However , I am pleased with the outcome and will be including a concertina book with my submission.

The video below is not very good but shows the finished book.